Piggy Banks to Portfolios: Financial Literacy Month with Juni and Bloom

April is Financial Literacy month and we’ve teamed up with Juni Learning to offer teens free access to Juni's On-Demand Investing Course.

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April is Financial Literacy month and we’ve teamed up with Juni Learning to offer teens free access to Juni's On-Demand Investing Course.

April 5, 2022

JUNI NEWS - At Juni, we’re committed to preparing students for the real world and empowering them to leave their mark.

We’ve been working hard to bring our students opportunities for deeper understanding of topics that will be transformative to their futures – and financial literacy is an increasingly important one.

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with teen investing app Bloom to expand access to investing knowledge and to support our students – and inspire them – to begin building their own stock portfolios. Bloom shares our mission of improving the financial future of the next generation, and we’re working together in April to help close the financial literacy gap and give our students a baseline knowledge of investing, along with the financial support to put their new knowledge to work in the real stock market.

Juni’s Financial Literacy Month Challenge

Throughout April, Juni is calling on students to invest in themselves! We’re offering our On-Demand ‘Money Minded: Investing in the Stock Market’ course at no cost for any student interested in learning the basics of investing. And through our partners at Bloom, Juni students that create a Bloom account (through an exclusive link) in April will receive $5 to start building their portfolio and invest in real stocks At the end of April, Juni will review all of the completed Money Minded course projects – which measure mastery of course concepts and understanding of their real-world application – to select the top three students to be awarded $500 to kick start their portfolios and their real-world investment journeys.

Learning the Basics: Investing in the Stock Market

By experiencing and observing the value of money and basic concepts of the stock market, the self-guided course will help your child gain a basic understanding of investing, from the complex value of a dollar to learning how to define and assess risk, to recognizing market changes and the importance of diversifying a portfolio. The course is designed to give each student a functional knowledge of how to navigate the market and make smart investment decisions.

Students can sign up on the course page for free in April, and average completion time is 20-30 self-guided hours.

Piggy Banks to Portfolios

We designed this special offering in honor of Financial Literacy Month to give our students opportunities to continue to grow, learn and explore what’s beyond the classroom, with a focus on subjects that drive the real world.

Financial literacy goes beyond the basics of money – today, it’s a complex concept encompassing budgeting, digital currency, investing, and more. At Juni, we believe a working knowledge of investing will play a key role in students’ future success and financial independence. We’re proud to give our students the opportunity to build confidence through an engaging, hands-on course designed to spark curiosity and interest in investing, unlocking new opportunities for their financial futures.

Learn more about ‘Investing in the Stock Market’ and explore more of Juni Learning’s investing and entrepreneurship courses, or speak to a Juni Advisor today by calling (650) 263-4306 or emailing advisors@learnwithjuni.com.

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